The safety and welfare of all workers is a priority with Evolution Employment Network, and we urge all our clients to do the same.

The following page details EEN's Work Health & Safety House Policy for all workers.

Staff will be allocated for each position as per the qualification and description of the job described.

Staff may not have experience in other areas if not previous requested. In order to better match staff member to position, please provide all details including the extent and range of work to be done when making a booking.


Responsibilities of the employer - the end user:
It is the role of the employer, end user or host client, who controls the workplace and work practices to ensure that hazards associated with the worker's job have been identified, the risk assessed and controlled.

Hierarchy of risk control
Eliminate the risk
Reduce risk by redesign
Isolate the worker from the risk
Protect the worker by providing personal protective equipment
Train workers to avoid the risk
Supervise all workers

All equipment must be thoroughly checked and explained to the worker before the workers engages in any activity with the equipment. Items should be checked for risks and all equipment must be in good working condition. After the explanation of the machine, the worker must be questioned about their understanding of the equipment and work to be done with it. If unfamiliar with equipment, a training process with supervision should take place before anything further may occur. Any protective uniforms required for equipment must be provided by the client.

To reduce the risk of an accident all workers must be given an induction to the work environment and work detail.

Evolution Employment Network does not exercise direct control over workplaces where their workers work. To satisfy the Worker's Compensation Board, we are required to have end-users (clients) confirm in writing that they provide and maintain a safe workplace and that they will provide all necessary training and supervision according to the Work Health & Safety rules.

Contact EEN to complete the Work Health and Safety Check for your site.


Employee WHS Induction

As a requirement by WHS legislation all of EEN casual and temporary staff members must be provided a workplace induction prior to commencing work duties at your work site. The induction must cover aspects of Work Health and Safety including:

  • Your organisations health adn safety policies
  • Emergency procedures and evacuation procedures
  • first aid and location of supplies
  • use of personal protective equipment and the location of such equipment

Prior to one of our employees commencing work at your site, please complete the WHS Employee Induction Checklist with the employee and email or fax a copy of the completed checklist to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 02 8275 5300.



To qualify for cover under EEN's worker's compensation insurance:

You must report any accident to EEN immediately by telephone and fax a copy of your accident report including any medical reports to EEN within 24 hours.

Incident & Injury Report form

Your account with EEN must be operated within EEN's published trading terms.

Return to work
Where a worker is able to perform light duties until they can return to normal work duties, you, as the end-user at the time of the accident, may be requested by the Workcare Authority to provide such work.

The above information is for all end-user or host-employers who use labour hire agency staff in NSW.