Evolution Employment Network (EEN) in partnership with Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) offers its students the opportunity to participate in Work Placement Internship Programs that enable the student to complete the work experience requirements of the Diploma of Hospitality qualification in higher end service environments within Australia.

The EEN Internship Program has multiple extra benefits such as; working fulltime for one employer during their course and work placement, receiving a wage for 20 – 38 hours of work as an employee of EEN and developing a higher level of culinary skills.


Becoming a Host Employer

Becoming a Host Employer for the EEN Work Placement Internship Program is a simple process;

1. Contact the recruitment team to register your interest

2. EEN visits your establishment to assess it for WH&S and training program requirements

3. Upon your establishments approval, complete an EEN registration form and MOU

4. EEN recruitment team begins the candidate selection process


Program Outline & Costs



Benefit to Employer


Candidate screening and pre selection

EEN advertises available position on employers behalf

EEN screens students and analyses their current skill set, career goals and prior learning to best match them to the employers needs

Enterprise/establishment provided candidates that fit the needs of the business and its clientele


Workplace Induction

EEN inducts students into the workplace on behalf of the host employer. Induction covers topics including;

· Work Health and Safety

· Emergency procedures and situations

· Communication – whom to raise issues or concerns with

· Supervision and training

Meet obligations for employee induction through EEN


Support & Mentoring

Provision of advice on effective work place coaching for workplace supervisors

EEN provides 3rdparty support to the student advising on workplace communication, conflict resolution and other relevant issues

Regular workplace visits from an EEN trainer and assessor for training and assessment activities

Ensures the work experience process is enjoyable and productive for all parties


Instills confidence in workplace supervisors in their ability to provide effective coaching


Candidate  replacement

Where issues arise around a students’ performance, ability to integrate with the workplace team or other relevant issues, EEN will source a suitable replacement

Enterprise/establishment   maintains productivity and work force capacity and    ensures harmony within the work team environment



For further information contact the Recruitment Team at Evolution Employment Network

Phone 02 8275 5300 or Contact